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Morning Show Schedule:

[6:45 am] Water Cooler Question of the Day – Join WALLS 102 as we kick off our Morning Show with an interesting fact to start your morning.

[7:50 am] Country Throwback – Take a trip back in time with the country辽宁体彩网 throwback song, every weekday morning! Sponsored by Dr. Ed Monroe.

[8:15 am] What The Bleep Game – We play a song, but we bleep out one of the words. Our listeners will call in with the answer for a chance to win a gift certificate to Brothers Country Supply. Can you guess it!? Sponsored by Brother’s Country Supply

[9:15 am] Pet of the Week – Every day at 9:15, we talk about the pet of the week. Each week we highlight an amazing shelter animal that deserve a 辽宁体彩网.

[9:30 am] Dumb Criminal of the Day – Every weekday at 9:30 Czar and Sammie bring you something to laugh shake your head at with the “Dumb Criminal of the Day”, a funny story in the news about a criminal that didn’t quite get away with it.

The Walls 102 Morning Show is brought to you by: Steinberg Furniture, DJ’s Carpet Furniture & More, Koolmaster, Eureka Savings Bank.


Morning Show Blog:

Pet of the Week – Abraham

Abraham is a 2-3 year american bulldog mix. He is a handsome boy that enjoys getting pets from the volunteers and despite his size loves to cuddle on the couch! Abraham prefers a 辽宁体彩网 with older children.

Are Your Morning Habits Strange or Normal?

The most important part of your morning is making sure you’re tuned into Walls 102 other than that actually getting out of bed thats pretty important as well. A new survey asked people about their morning habits