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Marijuana arrests plummet in Illinois’ 5 largest suburbs

AURORA, IL – (AP) – Marijuana arrests dropped significantly in Chicago’s largest suburbs, a change many say is caused by decriminalization and a change of attitude toward the drug. Arrests for marijuana-related crimes plummeted by a range of 63% and roughly 80% from 2015 to

Gas price hike expected to decrease after holidays

CHICAGO – Gas prices are experiencing a year-end spike due to road trip travels during the holidays. According to the American Automobile Association, the majority of states saw gas prices increase in the last week, some by as much as a dime. In LaSalle County, gas prices increase by 7

Legal marijuana sales may spark Midwest interstate tension

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois is joining Michigan as the only Midwestern states broadly allowing the sale and use of marijuana. But consumers must be aware that cannabis remains illegal in surrounding states and can’t be transported over state lines. Data from states that have permitted